Love Your Wife: Revisited

I commissioned my wife to do a little subway art for me this week. Here’s what she came up with:

Love Your Wife | subway art printable from

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I thought it might serve as a good reminder for husbands that showing love to your wife is something you should do every day of the year — not just on special occasions.

Want to print a copy to keep? You can click on the image above to download a free printable PDF of the graphic.

You’ll find a matching “Respect Your Husband” graphic on my wife’s blog this week. Follow this link if you want to print that one.

2 thoughts on “Love Your Wife: Revisited

    • Even if it were a commercial invention, that does not mean it is evil or even wrong. Mother’s day is a commercial invention, but I still send my mom a card and give her a call!

      The title of my blog is “All Truth is God’s Truth.” What that means to me is two things. First is that God’s instructions for living as outlined in the Bible are useful even to those who reject the author of those instructions. They may not fully understand those instructions without the illumination of the Holy Spirit nor will they fully benefit from those instructions until they accept the saving grace of Christ on the cross. However, not lying, not stealing, not killing, showing compassion to those in need, loving your spouse, and training your children are all meaningful in the same way that gravity still works even if you can’t fully explain it.

      Second is that God’s Truth can be revealed to and through unbelievers, often beautifully so in works of art or literature or in simple acts of kindness or dramatic acts of heroism. This is the principle of common grace, and it is based on the idea that we are all created in God’s image, no matter how tarnished that image may become. Setting aside a day to be extra sweet to your sweetie seems to fall under that second category of generally good ideas, although my wife has written a blog about keeping it up all year round.

      Interestingly, a quick Google search will reveal that Valentines Day was actually invented by the Roman Catholic Church around AD 496 to honor early church martyrs named Valentine. It is also recognized by the Lutheran Church, Anglican Church, and Greek Orthodox Church.

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