My Western

What follows is a serial Western I’m writing entitled HARD MERCY. My goal is to post a new chapter every week or two until it’s finished. Any and all feedback is welcome. Enjoy!

Chapter 1
I aim to kill the man in the cabin down below. I’ve shot him once already today. I know I got him because I saw his right arm go limp and drop the reigns to his horse. He somehow managed to keep a tight hold on my sister with his left arm all the same. I figured that the bite of the bullet would take the fight out of him and he would drop my sister as well, but he didn’t. I could just as easily have put the bullet through his heart, but it might have passed through him and into my sister, which is why I aimed wide. (read more)

Chapter 2
Caleb is unconscious, and Ellie and I speak in low whispers.
“We need to get him to a doctor,” she says.
“I agree, but he’s too weak to ride. I doubt he can even stand up.”
(read more)

Chapter 3
The fellow leads the way at a brisk pace. I nearly have to trot my horse just to keep up. When we are far enough from the cowboys that the laughter is starting to fade into the distance, he finally slows down. He casts a quick glance back towards the corral, then says in a near whisper, “Listen, about those other guys…”
(read more)

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